Things to Avoid in ID Card Design

ID cards are always important for businesses, institutions and schools to identify employees.
You must have a perfect ID card to share important information. It will be great to keep the
design of your ID card simple. You should avoid complicated design elements, fancy fonts and
several images.

Staff ID Card
A standard ID card should have the name of the company, name of employee, role and picture
of the employee along with an expiry date. If you have some design ideas for ID cards, feel free
to share them with the ID card maker. To design a card for your employees, here are some
important things to consider. You have to avoid these elements in ID card design.

Flat Colours

For web content, flat design may be a famous choice. You may find it attractive to make your
card flat. Flat colours can show wear and tear on a card quickly. If you want to keep your card
new for an extended duration, you can use texture or gradient. Make sure to use different
colours to make your card beautiful and durable.

Dark Colours

Undoubtedly, dark colours prove helpful to create the best contract. If you want to please the
eyes of customers, you will need a balanced combination of bright and light colours. It does not
mean to avoid dark colour, but avoid heavily dark patterns. You can select a colour scheme
according to the needs of your company.

Straight Lines

There is no harm in using straight lines, but it can impact the beauty and layout of your card. To
make a card look appealing, make sure to avoid lines. If you do not want to feel blank, you can
add some curvature in your ID card design. Feel free to change the shape of the card to make it
elegant and attractive.

Unusual or Funny Fonts

Different fonts may make an ID card look beautiful, but it is not necessary. Artistic fonts on an
ID card can impact its functionality. Remember, the purpose of the employee card is to identify
someone. If your ID card is too expressive artistically, it can lose its effectiveness. Funky fonts
may look great from the perspective of design, but these can make an ID card difficult to read.

Avoid Missing Information of Your Company

You can use ID cards for different purposes, such as security, access control and visual
identification. Businesses need ID cards for their brand and marketing strategies. For this
reason, you can add important elements to highlight your corporate identity. It is a cost-
effective method to promote your business.

In this way, you can increase brand recognition and awareness. You have to focus on using
company logo, styling, font and brand colours. When working on the design, you have to
highlight the right information on the card. Name of the cardholder, company name, logo,
contact information, the signature of cardholder and ID number of employees are basic
Nowadays, you cannot ignore advanced elements on an employee card. QR code or barcode,
visual identification marker, security level, identifying details and several other options can be
an important part of your identity card design. Moreover, ID cards may contain evacuation
routes, emergency plans, medications, allergies, physical mail address and car number. These
things prove helpful for cardholders.

Avoid Clutter on ID Card

You should not increase clutter on ID cards with useless information. It is important to choose
data for your ID card carefully. A card should have authentic information. Avoid putting
additional data on the card just to fill space. Before designing a card, you have to think about
security issues.

An identity card must not have information that can jeopardise the reputation of a company.
Your card must have a user-friendly interface to increase security at your workplace. Nowadays,
cost-effective software becomes important. Feel free to add advanced features on your card for
the security of your employee and the business.

Encoded Information on an ID Card

Magnetic strips and barcodes take maximum space. Fortunately, you can manage this space on
your ID card design. Barcodes can store information in parallel lines. The numbers display a
specific numerical fiend in the database of the company. You will need barcode scanners to
read them.

Moreover, a brown or black magnetic stripe on the back of the card may store a good deal of
information. You can see this stripe on membership cards, driver’s license, credit cards and gift
card. It is important to choose the information for your ID card carefully.

Size of the font is an important consideration. If you want to make your card visible from a
certain distance, try to add colour blocks to an ID card design. Nowadays, you can add 1D/2D

barcode on your ID design. Make sure to select the best place for these codes on your card.
Remember, they are necessary to accommodate different security features.

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