How staff ID cards with special QR codes prove helpful for your company?

Staff ID cards are probably the most useful identification document to control trespassers. You
may need these identity cards in offices, clubs, educational institutes, factories, and public
libraries. These cards will help you manage the visitors effectively and keep the unwanted
people at bay.

Importance of Identification

A professional work atmosphere requires limited or restricted interruptions from unnecessary
visitors or outsiders. Confidentiality is another aspect that makes the identification of the
workers very important. Moreover, the security of the organisation and the employees is the
biggest reason we need staff ID cards.

Every organisation has certain rules, policies, and regulations pertaining to the visitors, and
visiting hours. The same is in the case of workers’ entry and departure from the workplace.
There are many methods along with the old paper and pen record system to manage this highly
sensitive aspect of business and education.

Staff ID cards
The traditional Identification methods

All the institutes issue identity cards that carry employees’ details. These details include names,
designation, and photos of the employee. These are the cards most of the institutions use.
However, there are many possible issues with these identity cards.

You can print only a small number of details of the employees on the ID card. Since these cards
are made up of common material, there are strong chances of duplication. This risk puts a
question mark on the validity of these ID cards.

Some organisations use hard tokens like smart cards to keep a check on the visitors. These
smart cards have a built-in code in them. The employees or the visitors need to scan the code
through a device to authenticate their identity.

Another type of these hard token is smaller in size. The authentication process takes place
when a visitor puts the coins in a token slot. This method is not very popular because it is costly
and carrying around the identity coins for entry is not an easy task.

Biometric authentication is also a very popular method for visitors’ authentication nowadays. It
works in many ways. You can use voice verification, iris scan, fingerprint scan, and iris scan. This
method is probably the most reliable method out there. However, this is very expensive and
goes out of the budget for an emerging business organisation. It is also prone to identity
glitches occasionally.


Staff ID cards with Special QR code

QE codes are 2D barcodes and we use them to store alphanumeric data. These QR codes are
the best way to facilitate payments, pricing, education, and security services. The best use of
these QR codes is to authenticate and verify the identity of the employees and visitors.
Advantages of using QR codes for staff ID cards

These cards are cost-effective because you only need to print them once. There is no separate
setup or device required for this purpose. Consequently, the absence of setting up and
maintenance charges reduces the total cost. Moreover, there is no need to carry any special
device or coin along.

This system of authentication works with a QR code generator and people can use it through
their smartphones.
All the ID cards have a QR code in them. This QR code carries all the details of the person who
carries this ID card.

Ways of using QR codes for staff ID cards

The organisations enter identification data of all the employees including their names,
designation, photos, and contact numbers on their websites. Later the experts create unique
QR codes for all the employees using this data. This QR code later becomes a part of the
identity cards. The scanning process provides the details of the cardholder to the authorities or
the computers link with the system.
This QR code can store every type of graphical, numerical, or text details. These QR codes are
unique and duplication is out of the question. This is the basic reason for the reliability of these
ID cards.

Types of QR codes

This type of QR code carries basic information about employees or visitors. They show the
details on the screen of the device when the user scans them.

Serial Code QR code

This system links the QR code details with the organisation’s database. In order to get entry, the
QR code must verify the details of the visitor from that database. Access is only granted if the
database verifies the details.

Final words

Staff ID cards with QR codes are the safest, most reliable and cost-effective method of visitor
and employee authentication. They are multipurpose and you can add as many details of the
employees in them as you want. Moreover, there is no more to set up any device or verification
system or issuing any hard tokens frequently. The zero chances of duplication make them the
most trustworthy method of employee identification.

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